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Horion IMS

Invoice management simplified

How it works?


Artificial intelligence extracts data, coordinates and posts invoice.
It does this in a matter of seconds and without any human interaction.


Approver checks the data correctness and sings the invoice. This is done with a quick glance at the digitized data and a single click of a button.


Once the data is approved by the accountant, depending on the setup, data is either pushed into your ERP or saved as a text for further processing.

Benefits of automation

Access invoices and approve them in a matter of seconds.

Time savings

Time savings

Time saved working on invoices allows employees to work on value-adding activities.



Actions list provides a transparent view of the actions taken with each invoice.



Invoices are approved with a single click of a button.



From now on invoices can be easily approved from anywhere in the world using mobile, tablet or laptop.

Systematic archiving

Systematic archiving

Brings easy of use and order into invoice management. Forget the hassles of archiving invoices in physical archives.

Quick deployment

Easy and quick deployment

Do not waste any more time. Horion IMS can be deployed in your company in as little as a month. Several times faster than the industry standard.

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