Processes automation. What is it for?

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Processes automation. What is it for?


In this article, we will go through the types of companies that choose to automate their daily tasks and who needs automation the most?


What is processes automation?

Almost every one of us has encountered automation in our daily lives. Starting from personal automation tools such as IFTTT, Automator or Apple Shortcuts. And even business automation tools such as auto-responders, AI-driven customer support or Zapier service. All of these examples allow a person or a company to automate their routine tasks.

When processes are efficient and require little human resources, it allows the company to grow easily. Essential tasks are not being interrupted. During a fast growth period, firms frequently struggle to hire the required amount of new employees. Also, it takes time to onboard them. What is more, it might be risky to hire a lot of new employees, if growth was just a temporary boom instead of real growth.

That is why many organizations choose to automate processes. Automation tools allow them to solve free up time from current employees by allowing them to spend more time on harder tasks and automating the repetitive ones.
From the first look, automation tools might seem expensive. However, spending precious time and money and asking employees to do repetitive, easy to do, but time-consuming tasks is expensive.

“Automation is not for us”

From our experience, we can see that a lot of people still think otherwise. They believe that automation services, that are based on IT, are created for technology sector companies. However, the reality is a bit different. Actually, industry leaders in automation are “old school” companies such as agriculture, manufacturing and state organizations. For example, in Lithuania, we can see that institutions such as LR culture ministry, fire-fighting and rescue department, STT, Internal affairs ministry and many more. Even banks such as Swedbank and Luminor use these tools, which is a quite good indication of financial benefits of automation.

Is it worth automating processes?

Tendencies in the market are self-explanatory. Companies that value their long-term survival, choose to automate their processes. This allows them to stay competitive while saving time and money at the same time. What is more, such tools give employees more time to work on more challenging tasks, thus allowing them to stay sharp and improve their skills.

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