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Artificial Intelligence for Accounts Payable

Save your time, money and sanity with an AI-powered invoice management system. Forget the hassle of dealing with invoices manually.

Horion IMS

How it works?

Simple four-step process.

  • Identify and digitize

    Identifies and digitizes invoices from inboxes across your company. So you don’t need to. 

  • Translate

    Translates invoices in any format into uniform dataset. For easy management. Of course.

  • Automate

    Automates the invoice approval process with customizable rules and a centralized system.

  • Push

    Pushes approved data into your accounting software – NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and more.

Horion IMS

How do you know if you need it?

Simple. Ask yourself three questions.

Do you

Need a more efficient invoice a approval process?

Do you

Look for ways to get around approval roadblocks and easily retrieve old invoice data?

Do you

Want to save time and money?


If the answer to any of the three questions is “yes”, it’s time to switch up your invoice management process.

Benefits of automation

Access invoices and approve them in a matter of seconds.

Time savings

Time savings

Time saved working on invoices allows employees to work on value-adding activities.



Actions list provides a transparent view of the actions taken with each invoice.



Invoices are approved with a single click of a button.



From now on invoices can be easily approved from anywhere in the world using mobile, tablet or laptop.

Systematic archiving

Systematic archiving

Brings easy of use and order into invoice management. Forget the hassles of archiving invoices in physical archives.

Quick deployment

Easy and quick deployment

Do not waste any more time. Horion IMS can be deployed in your company in as little as a month. Several times faster than the industry standard.

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